Dawn Sculptures

“Dawn Sculptures” Campaign

After six months of preparation, artist Murad Subay, with the participation of some Yemeni young artists and civil activists, put-up “Elmuqah” sculpture, an ancient symbol of people and state national unity, as his first sculpture work in Algeria Street in the capital of Sana’a on 15 January 2015. By then, Subay announced the launching of Dawn’s Sculpture Campaign, which is the first campaign on street-sculpture in Yemen.
As Yemen is going on a critical political transition that is full of people’s hopes to build a civil state, but also full of political conflicts and obstructions, Dawn’s Sculptures Campaign aims at reminding all Yemeni people how our ancestors built the states and civilizations in the history.

Are Yemenis not able to build peace, cohesion and coexistence? Not able to build a civil state? Well, the answer cannot be yes! With a rich history on conflict resolution, state-building, rule of law, calls for unity, economic prosperity and human dignity and respect, our present must be similar, better and more civil.
Together, and through the Dawn’s Sculptures, we will look back at our heritage, at our founders and learn from them how to be a civil, unite and peaceful country, how to be a Yemeni nation indeed.