War Garden


There is not much left to say about the war in Yemen. Only the death counter did not stop.
Ten mural and pieces of works of various sizes, on various walls and tools, I have done over the past three weeks, in the city of Martigues, southern France.
A Special Thanks for the wonderful friends “Marie-Claude, Alain Paoli and Caroline Malatrait” for hosting me to paint in their garden, which I turned into an art project entitled “War Garden”.


Il n’y a plus grand-chose à dire sur la guerre au Yémen. Seul le compteur de la mort ne s’est pas arrêté.
Dix peintures murales et œuvres de différentes tailles, sur différents murs et outils, que j’ai réalisé ces trois dernières semaines, dans la ville de Martigues, dans le sud de la France.
Un merci spécial aux merveilleux amis «Marie-Claude, Alain Paoli et Caroline Malatrait» pour m’avoir accueilli pour peindre dans leur jardin, que j’ai transformé en un projet artistique intitulé «War Garden».


‘War of the Blackmail”

With the continuation of the war in Yemen, the Yemenis ’sources of income decreased, and there were no jobs and wages also diminished .. which prompted tens of thousands of Yemenis to be recruited to fight in the war. The majority did this, only to be able to feed their families, in a collective blackmail operation carried out by the warring parties against the Yemeni people.

My mural “War of the Blackmail”, which is part of a project I am working on in the city of “Martigues” in southern France, November 2020.


“Rooting fear”

There is not much to say.
It is a war of reshaping consciousness and the Yemeni personality, to become a mere monster belonging to rogue, religious radical states in the region through their agents, and based on a sectarian basis that has no connection to the history of Yemen and its people.

My mural, as part of the “Faces of War” campaign, which is part of a project I am working on in Martigues, France, November 2020



A title of my fifth mural in the “War Garden” project, Martigues, France.



For two weeks, I worked on a series of murals as part of a project I launched in the southern French city of “Martigues”, in title “War Garden”. It is a diverse series of murals and works of wartime and revolution.

Here is the fourth mural entitled “Drought” which shows war from a different perspective, which is the scarcity and lack of water in Yemen, which results in the death of thousands of innocent people annually in Yemen. Reports vary according to which the conflict over water results in 4000 victims annually.

Yemen is in the midst of a wind, and this is what we must all realize.


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