Artist and activist responds to the disruption throughout his country in an unusually powerful way.

Lara Piras Lara Piras on August 29, 2013.

Murad Sobay has created the ‘12th hour’ campaign, which sees a series of street art murals, paintings, and graffiti in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a that emphasize 12 cultural dilemmas the country is currently dealing with including gun control, sectarianism, and state executed kidnappings.


The works were created by holding hourly street art demonstrations that saw the Yemeni people come together to voice their concerns and even get involved hands-on with the art itself that varies from stencils of the faces of those who have been taken to post anti-sectarian art.



Sobay and the campaigners used social media sites to send out a call to action to get as many people as possible to involved and to also catch the eye of the media which resulted in a strong social public response seeing hundreds of citizens flocking to the site to get involved.


The online-offline campaign is creating awareness and discussion both locally and globally and is a perfect example of how civilians can put the power in their hands in a peaceful yet effective way.

Murad Sobay

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