REUTERS, 12 Hours graffiti campaign

صوره من وكالة “رويترز” لجداريتي عن “الإختطاف” في الساعة الثالثة، ضمن حملة “12 ساعة”.
Photo by: Khaled Abdullah “REUTERS” in the 7th hour, “12 Hours” graffiti campaign,Yemen.

Khaled Abdullah/REUTERS
Artist and activist Murad Subai paints a graffiti depicting kidnapped Dutch journalist Judith Spiegel (R) and her partner Boudewijn Berendsen in Sanaa September 5, 2013. The couple were abducted in Sanaa mid-June and are still held hostage by their kidnappers. The graffiti is part of a campaign launched by artists and activists against kidnapping in Yemen. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

Khaled Abdullah Reuters

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