“Ruins” campaign

“Ruins” is a new campaign to paint on what is left of the walls left by the external and internal wars in Yemen. The campaign was launched on May 18, 2015, in Bani Hawwat area, Sana’a Governorate, where the air strikes destroyed more than seven houses there and killed 27 civilians, including 15 children. Among those who joined me in drawing were the youth and children of the area as well as some friends who came with me from Sana’a. “Ruins” campaign is currently targeting the areas that are destroyed by the air strikes in both, the Capital and Sana’a governorate. The campaign aspires to move to Taiz, Aden and other provinces that are subject to destruction by the internal conflicts, but only if the appropriate conditions allowed us to such as ease of access and accessibility to fuel & transportations. Until then, “Ruins” campaign will seek to cover the devastated areas, which are accessible under these hard times we are experiencing here in Yemen.


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