Get to know Yemeni Street Artist Murad Subay\ Interview with “Doug Gillen” On FifthWallTV


Get to know Yemeni Street Artist Murad Subay


September 3, 2018
Fifth Wall create and enhance projects based around art, culture and social movements.

Murad Subay isn’t your average street artist. For the last seven years, he’s been changing the facade of war torn buildings in the heart of Yemen.

Today, regular air strikes attack markets, funerals and school buses, lack of access to clean drinking water has caused the world’s biggest outbreak of cholera and blocked access to vital food supplies have caused nationwide famine. Despite this, Murad Subay creates his artwork with a smile on his face and resillience in his demeanor.

In this week’s video, I’m in conversation with Murad discussing how art empowers communities, what it’s like making street art surrounded by armed militias and the what like is like in the heart of a revolution.

– Doug


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