Love and Peace in Yemen spread through “Color your Street Wall” Campaign

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Written By: Fares Anam
Article Date: May 7, 2012 – 8:10:34 PM

“Color your street wall” is a new campaign which was established by a young man, Murad Subai’ and turned into a public campaign which started in March 15 in a Facebook page.


A wall colored by kids and activists among the Love and Peace campaign in Yemen capital

“The idea of the color campaign is the spread of drawing art in Yemen,” said Subai’. “This kind of art is lacking in Yemen and we tried to color all walls in areas that witness bloody conflicts here in Sana’a,” he told the Yemen Observer.
“When I launched the idea,” he said, “I didn’t expect this media coverage for the campaign. The first goal of the campaign is coloring beautiful things and showing that Yemeni people can turn the turmoil and dark days to beautiful and shining days. The sadness will not last forever.”


A littel girl stands next to her paints for love and peace in Sana’a the capital of Yemen

Subai’ said that the artistic idea is not related to any political relations and that it is self-supporting.
The team of the campaign has covered some conflicts areas in the capitals where the pro-antigovernment armed tribesmen and government forces engaged in armed fighting during the past year.
“We have been told not to color the walls of al-Hasabah three times by soldiers there,” said Subai’. “I have faith that the color will not harm or kill anybody. It gives us joy and happiness.”
Subai’ said that the message of the campaign attracted the people’s empathy. “I was surprised by the great reaction of people toward the campaign that prove their pure hearts…children are the most participants,” he added.


A teacher paints on a wall on one of Sana’a streets

“The campaign opened up new horizons and opportunities for artists to show their talents and artistic skills,” he said. “We didn’t expect any support from any part; the support came from friends, relatives and people who support us by participating in this campaign.”
Painters, amateurs and novices comprised the participants of the campaign.
Raghda, a female participant, said that she participated in the campaign three times already. “I believe in this campaign and I think after one year of conflict it’s important to bring positive change,” said Raghda.
“I liked the idea and the timing was perfect. He [Subai’] wants to change the bad climate for people and replace dark colors with many beautiful ones in,” Raghda, added.
“I wish from anyone interested in the campaign to bring their colors and ideas and portray their pictures to spread love and peace in all over Yemen,” said Subai’.


Even soldiers took part in Peace and Love of color your street wall campaign in Yemen

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