What Banksy did next: five fresh ideas for the street art agitator in 2016

It’s been a busy 2015 for Banksy, who opened his own theme park and intervened in Europe’s refugee crisis. Here’s how he should wield his spraycan next year

Banksy’s graffiti portrait of Steve Jobs at the Jungle migrant camp, Calais, France: the artist offered disused materials from his Dismaland project to build shelters at the camp.
Banksy’s graffiti portrait of Steve Jobs at the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France: the artist offered disused materials from his Dismaland project to build shelters at the camp. Photograph: Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock
Nell Frizzell

Nell Frizzell

Mon 28 Dec 2015 10.00 GMT

It’s been quite the year for every council worker’s favourite stencil owner. From his tour of Gaza to bringing Steve Jobs to Calais’s largest refugee camp, Banksy has highlighted the politics of many of 2015’s most troubled regions. Where he goes next is anyone’s guess. Surely it can’t be long until he’s asked to join Geri Halliwell in the hallowed corridors of the UN as a goodwill ambassador.

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“Faces of War” Portraits mural, Montpellier.July 2021

Faces of War portraits

[English] “Faces of War

On July 10, in Montpellier, I pasted a mural of eight faces of war on a wall 28 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. Accompanying the portraits, my phrase “In times of war, even the smallest voices, calling for peace, can save lives.”

A big thank you to Françoise and her wonderful husband Philippe, who were very supportive and helped to make this work possible, and to the artist Fanny Gillequin
A special thanks to Caroline Malatrait.

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Video of “Fetus of Coffin” mural.

Video about “Fetus of Coffin” mural. By Caroline Malatrait

A special Thanks to my dear friend Caroline Malatrait for filming and montage this wounderful video during working on my recent mural “Fetus of Coffin”, at a ruin of the World War II, at the shore of Port De Bouc City, France. 19 June 2021

شكر خاص للصديقة العزيزة “كارولين ملاتخيه” لإخراجها وتصويرها لهذا الفيديو القصير الذي رافق فيه تنفيذي لجدارية “جنين الكفن”على أنقاض إحدى التحصينات من الحرب العالمية الثانية, على شاطىء في مدينة “بورت دو بوك” , فرنسا. 19 يونيو 2021.

“War Crimes” Mural

“جرائم حرب”
أهدي لوحة “جرائم حرب” لكل الضحايا المدنيين الذين قتلوا ويقتلون كل يوم في فلسطين واليمن وسوريا.. ومناطق أخرى حول العالم، والقائمة تطول كل يوم ، عبث بحياة الأبرياء ويجب أن يتوقف.

إستلهمت هذا العمل من إحدى المجازر التي طالت الأبرياء في اليمن. على جدار بإرتفاع 5 أمتار وعرض 14 متر.
رسمت هذه اللوحة الجدارية كجزء من المهرجان الدولي “بيام” لفن الشارع ، الذي تديره كولكتيف رينارت ، ليل. 15 مايو 2021.

“War Crimes”
I dedicate the mural of “war crimes” to all the civilian victims who have been killed, and are being killed every day in Palestine, Yemen, Syria and other regions around the world .. The list goes on every day, and this tampering with innocent lives must stop.

I was inspired this mural from a massacres of innocent people in Yemen. On a wall 5 meters high and 14 meters wide.
I painted this mural as part of the international Festival “BIAM” for street art, that run by Collectif Renart, Lille. May 15, 2021.

War’ murals on Books Covers

[[News Letter]]

Dears all, 

  March has passed and as we prepare for work in April, I wanted to share that three of my murals were featured as book covers for   French and Australian Authors, Jeannette Bougrab, A.Dirk Moses and Romain Molina.

About The murals:

  The “Children of Rubble” mural was created in Sana’a city during the ongoing conflict in 2017, on the a ruins of a house middle of Sana’a, where a child raises the peace sign despite the loses, in an express about a whole generation of a war, and with a very simple demand, Peace and freedom.

  The “Family Portrait” was painted inside a house which was destroyed by an airstrike in the north of Sana’a in 2015. The majority of the house’s residents, a family, have died. I had the chance to met the father which, he was around his house’ ruins, a man with face of no signs, spoke about his one years child who found her under the ruins a live, but the others were dead including his wife and his two other children.

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“War of Bargains” my mural, Paris. March 2021

“حرب الصفقات”
لا شيء يضاف، حرب محتدمة منذ ست سنوات ، وأطراف الحرب المحلية وحلفائهم الدوليين يستخدموا الأطفال والأبرياء كوقود لحروبهم.

تصور الجدارية طفلاً يمنيًا شارك في حملة الاحتجاج على استمرار الحرب الدائرة.
تظهر الخلفية اللغة اليمنية القديمة “المسند” ، في وصف ماضي وحاضر بلد منسي.

حملتي الجدارية الأخيرة “صورة شخصية للحرب”. على جدار في شارع دينويز ، باريس. مارس 2021

شكر جزيل للأصدقاء الأعزاء على عونهم: كارولين مالاتخيه, سيلين تافاريس, والطفل الحبوب لوسيان.

وشكر خاص للفنان الكبير “جان فوشواخ” على تقديمه يد العون لي.

War of Bargains
Nothing to add, a war raging for six years, and local and international parties using children and innocents as fuel for their wars.

The mural depicate a Yemeni child who participated in the campaign to protest against the continuation of the ongoing war.
The background shows the ancient Yemeni language “Al-Musnad”, in discription of The past and present of a forgotten country.

My recent mural “Selfie of War” campaign. on a wall in Denoyez street, Paris. March 2021

Many thanks to my dear friends for their support: Caroline Malatrait, Celine Tavares, and her child Lucian, and Musab Obad
And special thanks to the great artist “Jean Faucheur” for the support he extant to me.

Une guerre dissimulée expliquée aux lycéens: L’artiste yéménite Murad Subay témoigne du conflit dans son pays\ Sur “Altermidi”

“Vous pouvez agir à votre manière, plus que vous ne le pensez. Vous pouvez signer des pétitions, vous pouvez vous exprimer par l’art, diffuser sur les réseaux sociaux.”Par Nathalie Pioch -23 janvier 2021

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Au lycée Langevin de Martigues, les élèves ont rencontré l’artiste yéménite Murad Subay, en partenariat avec Amnesty International. Il leur a parlé de son engagement artistique pour dénoncer la guerre dans cette partie du monde où peu de regards se posent.

C’est habituel : tous les ans, pour le 10 décembre, date anniversaire de la Déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme à l’ONU, le groupe martégal d’Amnesty International est invité dans les lycées de la commune pour présenter ses actions et les citoyens qui ont maille à partir avec la justice ou le gouvernement de leur pays, de façon jugée arbitraire et illégale par l’organisation.

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“Faces of War Selfie”, Virtual Campaign against War

Today I launched my virtual campaign “Faces of War Selfie” to denounce the war in Yemen and around the world.

I invite you all from around the world to take part in this virtual campaign, to denounce the wars.

To take part in this simple and important action, just take a photo as shown below, and post it on your social page with the hashtag #Faces_of_war, and all the photos in the hashtag will be republish in my website.

Note: I painted this mural in 2017, in Yemen during the ongoing war.

*Special thanks to my friend “Caroline Malatrait” for the photo and the idea.

اليوم, أطلقت حملة ألكترونية بعنوتان “وجه الحرب” للتنديد بإستمرار الحرب في اليمن, وحول العالم.

أدعوكم جميعا للمشاركة في هذا الجهد الإلكتروني .

لمن يرغب بالمشاركة, عليكم تحميل صورة “سيلفي وجه حرب” الموجودة هنا, وأخذ صورة كما هو مبين في السيلفي, وإضافة هاشتاق #وجه_الحرب, ونشرها على صفحاتكم, كما سيتم إعادة نشر الصور هنا في الموقع..

ملاحظة: رسمت هذه الجدارية في اليمن عام 2017 أثناء الحرب المستمرة حتى وقتنا الحالي.

*شكر جزيل لصديقتي “كارولين مالاتخيت” على الصورة والفكرة

Photo by: Caroline Malatrait

Viaggio nella street art yemenita. Parola a Luca Scarcella\ on “Artribune” Itlay

Abyss, Hudaydah City, Yemen, 2017, FOW art collection. Credit Murad Subay. Photo dell'artista

Viaggio nella street art yemenita. Parola a Luca Scarcella

By Alessia Tommasini -20 agosto 2019   


Luca Scarcella, classe 1989, è giornalista freelance ed esperto di social media, e collabora con il quotidiano La Stampa dal 2016. Prossimo al trasferimento a Los Angeles, ha pubblicato due web documentary che hanno registrato un ottimo riscontro in Italia e all’estero, venendo definito come “uno dei più influenti under 30 in campo editoriale, in grado di unire efficacemente nuove tecnologie, social media e giornalismo”.

Ti sei occupato di questo viaggio nella street art che parte dall’Italia e arriva in Medio Oriente in un web documentary chiamato Sui Muri della Libertà, con protagonisti Murad Subay e Andrea Villa, due artisti a confronto. Ci racconti questa esperienza? Perché hai scelto di occupartene? Che cosa ti ha portato? Cosa e dove ti sta portando ora?
Era ormai un po’ di tempo che seguivo i fatti di cronaca provenienti dallo Yemen: ho studiato e letto parecchio, e mi sono soffermato sul sistema educativo del Paese, poiché ritengo che l’educazione sia una delle colonne portanti della civiltà, ovunque nel mondo, e sono appassionato di pedagogia. Ho creato quindi un web documentary incentrato sul tema e per analizzarlo ho messo a confronto il sistema yemenita con quello italiano, attraverso due interviste a due street artist: Murad Subay di Sana’a e Andrea Villa di Torino.

Oggi sono due giovani adulti che, nonostante le enormi differenze di percorso educativo ed esperienziale, esprimono le loro idee allo stesso modo, attraverso la street art, come reazione intellettuale e creativa alle difficoltà sociali, anche queste dissimili, dei due Paesi. Il web doc ha avuto un’ottima risposta da parte dei lettori, in particolare in Yemen. In futuro l’intenzione è di approfondire la mia conoscenza del mondo arabo, andando fisicamente in Medio Oriente, per offrire notizie e storie riprese da una prospettiva nuova, attraverso le mie “lenti”.

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Open Days for Art, 17 March 2016 “The Last Day”

اختتمنا اليوم فعالية الرسم المفتوح على جدران الشارع بعد أن رسمنا لمدة ثلاثة أيام (15 مارس – 17 مارس 2016) على جدران الجامعة الجديدة في شارع الرباط، أمام قسم شرطة 14 أكتوبر، صنعاء.

لقد كانت ثلاثة أيام مميزة بحق، ومليئة بالألوان والحياة. رسم فيها على الجدران الأطفال، والكبار، والمارة، وحتى الجنود. رسموا هؤلاء الأشخاص، بتقنياتهم البسيطة أو العظيمة، آمالهم وأحلامهم الجميلة على الجدران.

من أهم أسباب نجاح هذه الفعالية هي مشاركة الناس، والذين لطالما مثلوا روح هذه الحملات الفنية التي أطلقت في اليمن، ويالها من روح بديعة التي تشكلت خلال هذه الأيام الثلاثة.

شكراً جزيلاً لجميع من شارك بالرسم معنا، ولمن ألقى الملاحظات، وشجع، وأسقى عطشنا بالماء والعصير، سواء كانوا من الأصدقاء، وأبناء المنطقة، والجنود، والمارة، وكل من تفاعل مع الدعوة للمشاركة في هذه الفعالية. وأخص بالشكر أصدقائي الفنانين الذين لم يدخروا اي جهد لإنجاح هذه الفعالية المتواضعة.

مرة أخرى، نشكركم جميعاً لتفاعلكم مع هذا الحدث، ونتمنى، أنا والأصدقاء، رؤية المزيد من الفعاليات الثقافية والفنية التي تدعو إلى السلام في اليمن.

Today was the third and last day in the event “Open Days for Art” where we painted on the walls of the new university, in Ribat Street, In front of October 14 police station, Sana’a, from March 15 – March 17, 2016.

These three days have been distinctive, and filled with so much colors and life. Children, adults, pedestrians, and even soldiers painted during these three days. These people, whether with simple or great techniques, have painted their beautiful hopes and dreams on the walls.

One of the most important reasons for the success of this event is the participation of people, who have always represented the spirit of these artistic campaigns launched in Yemen. And what an exquisite spirit that has formed during these three days.

Many Thanks to all who have participated in painting, making remarks, encouraging and watering our thirst by providing us with water and juice, whether they were friends, neighborhood residents, soldiers, pedestrians, and everyone else who interacted with the invitation to join us in painting. I especially thank my friends who had spared no effort to ensure the success of this modest event.

Once again, thank you all for your interaction with this event. My friends and I wish to see more cultural and artistic events that call for peace in Yemen.

17 March 2016/1 17 March 2016/2 17 March 2016/3 17 March 2016/4 17 March 2016/9 17 March 2016/8 17 March 2016/7 17 March 2016/6 17 March 2016/5 17 March 2016/10 17 March 2016/11 17 March 2016/12 17 March 2016/13 17 March 2016/14 17 March 2016/15 17 March 2016/16 17 March 2016/17 17 March 2016/18 17 March 2016/19