Murad Subay : Diaspora./ Article by Richard Tassart

Murad Subay : Diaspora.


Le 6 février dernier, Murad Subay, m’a envoyé une photographie du collage qu’il venait de terminer rue Ordener dans le XVIIIème arrondissement de Paris.

Son collage représente une famille composée de trois personnes, une femme sur la droite de l’œuvre, un homme à gauche et au centre un jeune garçon. Les trois personnages figurent une scène : une mère accueille son jeune garçon qui court la rejoindre suivi par son père.

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Renowned Yemeni Artist Murad Subay Illustrates the Consequences of War. / Wilson Center Think Tank, Washington DC

July 7, 2022



Award-winning artist from Yemen Murad Subay discusses his pursuit to depict the impacts of conflict through art.

From 2012 to 2015, Murad led five street art campaigns in Sana’a that reflect on the struggles local populations are forced to endure amid conflict. He encouraged members of the community to participate in the campaigns, from friends to people passing by on the street, to express their opinions about the challenges facing Yemen and stimulate debate.

Murad now resides in France where he continues to engage with the themes of international armed conflict and great power competition.


“Fuck War” at the British Museum. UK

Glad to announce that the British Museum, obtained two prints of my mural and the sketch of “Fuck War”.

About the mural:

Name: Fuck War
Painted in Sana’a, Yemen during the ongoing war, on a ruins of a wall.
Exclusive edition of 8 printes for each, the photo of the mural and the sketch.
Price for each print: 1500 Dollar.
Dimension: 40X50 cm
On a spacial papers
Signed and numbered, with a certificate.

For those who are interested to obtain one or both of the printes, please contact on the email:

‘Street Art by Murad Subay’: Turning Ruins of War into Walls of Revolution – Murad Subay in Discussion with Wes Williams. OXFORD University.

Eva and War, Berlin 2022

‘Street Art by Murad Subay’: Turning Ruins of War into Walls of Revolution – Murad Subay in Discussion with Wes Williams

About this event

Nicknamed ‘the Yemini Bansky’ by the international media, Murad Subay (born in 1987 in Yemen) is a contemporary artist and political activist. Since the Yemeni revolution of 2011, Murad has launched several campaigns of turning the bullet-scarred walls and war-ravaged streets into symbols of hope and peace through his art. Vibrant hues of revolution and civil disobedience against the crumbling canvasses of war mark his signature artistic expression. In this session, Murad Subay will introduce his unique style of resistance in conversation with Wes Williams (Director, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities).

Murad Subay has garnered several accolades for his revolutionary work across the world. He received the Freedom of Expression Arts Award (2016) by Index on Censorship Organization, UK awarded to artists ‘whose work challenges repression and injustice and celebrates artistic free expression’, the Art for Peace Award (2014) by Veronesi Foundation, Italy for ‘spreading a culture of peace’ and Artist Protection Fund Award (2020), USA among others. He has his works exhibited at the Imperial War Museum, Manchester, the Berliner Union Film Ateliers (BUFA) in Berlin and at Yemini Film & Arts Festivals in New York and Washington DC among other locations. ‘His work has recently been acquired by the British Museum, London. Murad is currently residing in France as a political refugee where he continues his activism.

This online event is part of the interdisciplinary graduate conference ‘Rethinking Resistance’ at the University of Oxford.

Link for the event registration:
Link for the conference:

What Banksy did next: five fresh ideas for the street art agitator in 2016

It’s been a busy 2015 for Banksy, who opened his own theme park and intervened in Europe’s refugee crisis. Here’s how he should wield his spraycan next year

Banksy’s graffiti portrait of Steve Jobs at the Jungle migrant camp, Calais, France: the artist offered disused materials from his Dismaland project to build shelters at the camp.
Banksy’s graffiti portrait of Steve Jobs at the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France: the artist offered disused materials from his Dismaland project to build shelters at the camp. Photograph: Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock
Nell Frizzell

Nell Frizzell

Mon 28 Dec 2015 10.00 GMT

It’s been quite the year for every council worker’s favourite stencil owner. From his tour of Gaza to bringing Steve Jobs to Calais’s largest refugee camp, Banksy has highlighted the politics of many of 2015’s most troubled regions. Where he goes next is anyone’s guess. Surely it can’t be long until he’s asked to join Geri Halliwell in the hallowed corridors of the UN as a goodwill ambassador.

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“Faces of War” Portraits mural, Montpellier.July 2021

Faces of War portraits

[English] “Faces of War

On July 10, in Montpellier, I pasted a mural of eight faces of war on a wall 28 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. Accompanying the portraits, my phrase “In times of war, even the smallest voices, calling for peace, can save lives.”

A big thank you to Françoise and her wonderful husband Philippe, who were very supportive and helped to make this work possible, and to the artist Fanny Gillequin
A special thanks to Caroline Malatrait.

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Video of “Fetus of Coffin” mural.

Video about “Fetus of Coffin” mural. By Caroline Malatrait

A special Thanks to my dear friend Caroline Malatrait for filming and montage this wounderful video during working on my recent mural “Fetus of Coffin”, at a ruin of the World War II, at the shore of Port De Bouc City, France. 19 June 2021

شكر خاص للصديقة العزيزة “كارولين ملاتخيه” لإخراجها وتصويرها لهذا الفيديو القصير الذي رافق فيه تنفيذي لجدارية “جنين الكفن”على أنقاض إحدى التحصينات من الحرب العالمية الثانية, على شاطىء في مدينة “بورت دو بوك” , فرنسا. 19 يونيو 2021.

“War Crimes” Mural

“جرائم حرب”
أهدي لوحة “جرائم حرب” لكل الضحايا المدنيين الذين قتلوا ويقتلون كل يوم في فلسطين واليمن وسوريا.. ومناطق أخرى حول العالم، والقائمة تطول كل يوم ، عبث بحياة الأبرياء ويجب أن يتوقف.

إستلهمت هذا العمل من إحدى المجازر التي طالت الأبرياء في اليمن. على جدار بإرتفاع 5 أمتار وعرض 14 متر.
رسمت هذه اللوحة الجدارية كجزء من المهرجان الدولي “بيام” لفن الشارع ، الذي تديره كولكتيف رينارت ، ليل. 15 مايو 2021.

“War Crimes”
I dedicate the mural of “war crimes” to all the civilian victims who have been killed, and are being killed every day in Palestine, Yemen, Syria and other regions around the world .. The list goes on every day, and this tampering with innocent lives must stop.

I was inspired this mural from a massacres of innocent people in Yemen. On a wall 5 meters high and 14 meters wide.
I painted this mural as part of the international Festival “BIAM” for street art, that run by Collectif Renart, Lille. May 15, 2021.

War’ murals on Books Covers

[[News Letter]]

Dears all, 

  March has passed and as we prepare for work in April, I wanted to share that three of my murals were featured as book covers for   French and Australian Authors, Jeannette Bougrab, A.Dirk Moses and Romain Molina.

About The murals:

  The “Children of Rubble” mural was created in Sana’a city during the ongoing conflict in 2017, on the a ruins of a house middle of Sana’a, where a child raises the peace sign despite the loses, in an express about a whole generation of a war, and with a very simple demand, Peace and freedom.

  The “Family Portrait” was painted inside a house which was destroyed by an airstrike in the north of Sana’a in 2015. The majority of the house’s residents, a family, have died. I had the chance to met the father which, he was around his house’ ruins, a man with face of no signs, spoke about his one years child who found her under the ruins a live, but the others were dead including his wife and his two other children.

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“War of Bargains” my mural, Paris. March 2021

“حرب الصفقات”
لا شيء يضاف، حرب محتدمة منذ ست سنوات ، وأطراف الحرب المحلية وحلفائهم الدوليين يستخدموا الأطفال والأبرياء كوقود لحروبهم.

تصور الجدارية طفلاً يمنيًا شارك في حملة الاحتجاج على استمرار الحرب الدائرة.
تظهر الخلفية اللغة اليمنية القديمة “المسند” ، في وصف ماضي وحاضر بلد منسي.

حملتي الجدارية الأخيرة “صورة شخصية للحرب”. على جدار في شارع دينويز ، باريس. مارس 2021

شكر جزيل للأصدقاء الأعزاء على عونهم: كارولين مالاتخيه, سيلين تافاريس, والطفل الحبوب لوسيان.

وشكر خاص للفنان الكبير “جان فوشواخ” على تقديمه يد العون لي.

War of Bargains
Nothing to add, a war raging for six years, and local and international parties using children and innocents as fuel for their wars.

The mural depicate a Yemeni child who participated in the campaign to protest against the continuation of the ongoing war.
The background shows the ancient Yemeni language “Al-Musnad”, in discription of The past and present of a forgotten country.

My recent mural “Selfie of War” campaign. on a wall in Denoyez street, Paris. March 2021

Many thanks to my dear friends for their support: Caroline Malatrait, Celine Tavares, and her child Lucian, and Musab Obad
And special thanks to the great artist “Jean Faucheur” for the support he extant to me.