Young Yemeni Artist Receives Art For Peace Award

 Young Yemeni Artist Receives Art For Peace Award



Asma al-Mohattwari 

The Yemeni artist Murad Subay has won the prize Art for Peace, awarded by the Veronese  Italian Foundation. The young painter was praised for two campaigns that he promoted via social media..

Subay first called on Yemenis to draw freely in the streets of Sana’a, through a campaign called “Color the Wall of Your Street.” Many artists went so far as to use the bulletholes in many walls as parts of their paintings, which exquisitly reflected peace.

The second campaign was called “Walls to Remember their Faces,” and consisted of street art with politicians, military officials, and regular citizens who disappeared during the period of authoritarian rule, with their fate still being unknown.

The campaigns were recorded in a book called “12 Hours and Open,” which also discussed Yemeni issues like sectarianism, human rights, and drone strikes. 

The award “Art for Peace” specializes in global artists, photographers, and activists who have been active in spreading the culture of peace.



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