Science for Peace in 2014, the Art for Peace Award at Murad Subay, graffiti artist Yemeni (PHOTOS)

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When in June 2013 the Dutch freelance journalist Judith Spiegel and his companion were kidnapped, Murad Subay entrusted to the walls the message of indignation of the vast majority of Yemenis: a depiction of the two European smiling and the words “We are sorry, Judith.”

When December 5, 2013, the day of the death of Nelson Mandela, a terrorist attack left 56 dead on the ground in a hospital in the capital, Murad Subay decided that the minute of silence decided by the government was not enough. He picked up the names and all the photos that could. A few months later, with a group of young artists Yemenis, drew on the walls of the hospital hit the faces and names of the victims, almost all medical and health personnel.

That’s who is the artist who Science for Peace has decided to award this year with the Art for Peace Award, an important recognition given to artists who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to peace. Subay Murad was born in 1987 , so young and yet is the father of the art of graffiti in Yemen. Began to talk the walls in March 2012 through the campaign ” Colour your’s Wall Street , “at which he encouraged the Yemeni citizens, especially the young, to color the walls damaged by the civil war broke out in Yemen in 2011.

In 2012 he launched the campaign Walls Remember , during which the walls of the streets of the capital Subay and his group of artists drew portraits of 102 people missing in previous years, nearly all for political reasons. The initiative, told the same Subay, led to the identification of one of desparecidos Yemenis. “We had a political purpose, so we suffered repeated vandalism and attempts to deface the faces. Our tools are simple but effective, which is why we were targeted. ”

This year Subay launched its third campaign entitled ” 12 Hours “, to illustrate the twelve major policy challenges facing the horizon Yemeni through graffiti art. The reasons for the assignment of the Art for Peace Award are all here: Murad has managed to create an artistic movement and not a pacifist anti-political, indeed, that aims to raise awareness towards politics. It involved a high number of people from civil society in a country plagued by war for more than 50 years.

“Street art is not only my voice, but recently it has also become one of many Yemenis, as it addresses the main problems affecting the country’s inhabitants.All Yemenis want peace and a life of dignity. I saw many people paint their dreams on the walls in the hope that one day become reality. This award has enormous significance for me and for the people who took part in the project and represent the soul of my campaigns art as it is a recognition of our humble work and commitment. In addition, the prize is a strong signal of encouragement for my team of artists and for myself. In essence, it is an acknowledgment, all Yemenis. “

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صور من حفل تسلمي جائزة “الفن من أجل السلام 2014” في مدينة ميلانو، إيطاليا. During my speech in the receiving the award of Art for Peace 2014, Milan, Italy.

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Young Yemeni Artist Receives Art For Peace Award

 Young Yemeni Artist Receives Art For Peace Award



Asma al-Mohattwari 

The Yemeni artist Murad Subay has won the prize Art for Peace, awarded by the Veronese  Italian Foundation. The young painter was praised for two campaigns that he promoted via social media..

Subay first called on Yemenis to draw freely in the streets of Sana’a, through a campaign called “Color the Wall of Your Street.” Many artists went so far as to use the bulletholes in many walls as parts of their paintings, which exquisitly reflected peace.

The second campaign was called “Walls to Remember their Faces,” and consisted of street art with politicians, military officials, and regular citizens who disappeared during the period of authoritarian rule, with their fate still being unknown.

The campaigns were recorded in a book called “12 Hours and Open,” which also discussed Yemeni issues like sectarianism, human rights, and drone strikes. 

The award “Art for Peace” specializes in global artists, photographers, and activists who have been active in spreading the culture of peace.



جائزة “الفن من أجل السلام” للعام 2014

سعيد لمعرفتي بمنحي جائزة “الفن من أجل السلام” من قبل مؤسسة “فيرونيزي” الإيطالية، على هامش “المؤتمر العالمي السادس للسلام”، والذي سيقام في مدينة ميلان يوم 14 نوفمبر هذا العام.

وقد منحت الجائزة في السنوات السابقة إلى: 
المغنية “فاتو”
الكاتب “ديفيد جروسمان”
المصور” جواو سيلفا”
المخرج والممثل “كسافيير بيوفوا”
المايستروا الموسيقي “دانيال بارينبويم”

أشكر المؤسسة على هذا التكريم الذي أعتبره تكريما لليمن واليمنيين وأخص أصدقائي وكل من شارك في حملات الرسم على الجدران “12 ساعة، الجدران تتذكر وجوههم، و لون جدار شارعك”، الذين كانوا السبب الرئيسي في نجاح الحملات.

I am delighted to know that I have been chosen to receive the “Art For Peace Award” for the year 2014, which is given annually to artists around the global by the Italian Foundation “Veronesi”.
I will be receiving the Award in Milan City, Italy, on November 14, at the 6Th International Conference For Peace. This Award had been received over the years by the Following artists:
Fatou “singer”
David Grossman “Author”
João Silva “Photographer”
Xavier Beauvois “Film actor and director”
Daniel Barenboim “Pianist”
I want to thank the “Veronesi” Foundation for honoring me with this Award. By honoring me, they are honoring Yemen and Yemenis, especially my friends and everybody ever participated in the artistic campaigns “12Hours, The Walls Remember Their faces and Color your street’s wall” who are the main reason for the success of these campaigns