Artist Murad Subai’a Launches New Campaign


By NY Staff
Yemeni artist Murad Subai’a has launched a new campaign named Dawn Sculptures in the capital Sana’a.
Subai’a said that the campaign has been prepared over the passed 6 months. “The Dawn Sculpturescampaign aims to remind Yemenis of their ancient civilization that dates back 3000 years.”
He added that the campaign also aims to highlight the bright side of Yemen, which is ignored by many Yemenis today.
During the campaign, different artists will make symbols and models for old Yemeni traces and distribute them on the streets of the capital.
The beginning was with Almaqah, an old Yemeni symbol dating back 3000 years and indicating the establishment of the Yemeni state and the unity of Yemen, which was put on Algiers Street.
Subay is known for his graffiti campaigns around Sana’a. In November last year, he won the “Art for Peace” award in the Italian city of Milan. He has painted the faces of disappeared Yemenis on the walls of the streets of Sana’a and a number of Yemeni provinces.

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