“Children Recruitment mural” VIDC online magazine cover


جدارية “تجنيد الأطفال”، ضمن حملة “12 ساعة” غلاف لمجلة ” معهد فينا للحوار والتعاون الدولي الإلكترونية (في أي دي سي)”، في عددها الفصلي الـ 38.

  Children Recruitment mural, “12 Hours” Campaign, a cover of the magazine of “Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC)” in its quarterly publication 38.





2 thoughts on ““Children Recruitment mural” VIDC online magazine cover”

  1. Congratulations Glad that your art is having a wide showing. Sad that it has to be for such a painful subject.. All, the best and keep strong.

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