“Half Woman”my painting, at the Headquarter of UNATED NATIONS.

Half Woman

I am pleased to participate by my painting “Half Woman” in an exhibition held at the main entrance of the Headquarter of United Nations, New York. This exhibition organized by “UNICEF, UNFPA”. and will take place from  12th to 28th September 2022.

This three-panel exhibition on the issue of female genital mutilation is part of the Ending FGM campaign, featuring three international artists:

Murad Subay’ “Yemen”

Nikkolas Smith “America”

Roland Zanga “Republic of the Congo”

“I can’t Breath” George Floyd

Dedicated to George Floyd and all the victims of Racism around the world.

إلى جورج فلويد ولكل ضحايا العنصرية حول العالم.

Art collaboration with the maestro “Karim Wasfi” and “Marcella Kriebel”, Organized by “YCIHA


   صور من الفعالية الفنية والموسيقية الذي أقامها المعهد اليمني للثقافة والتراث والفن، في العاصمة الأمريكية واشنطن, 20 إبريل 2019. إقيمت الفعالية جدارية “ماركة حرب” وعرض موسيقي من الموسيقار العراقي “كريم وصفي” والفنانة الأمريكية “مارسيلا كريبل”.

Photos from the artistic and musical event, that organized by the Yemeni Institute for Culture, Heritage and Art, Washington, DC, April 20, 2019. The event held by installing my mural “War Brand” and a musical performance by Iraqi musician “Karim Wasfi” and American artist “Marcella Kriebel.”