Mural by “Al-Alawi, “Ruins” Campaign, May 14, 2017.

“السلام اصبح ضرب من المستحيل بالنسبة للمجتمع اليمني , من رحم الحرب خرجت الامراض والمجاعة وعوامل اخرى تهدد وجود المجتمع .
هناك تجاهل من المجتمع العالمي للأزمة اليمنية ,اليمنيين لا يردون الألتفاف إلى ازمتهم بل يريدون حلول واقعية لينالون السلام ويعيشون بوئام .كل أطراف الحرب لا يهمهم معاناة المجتمع اليمني ,المجتمع اليمني يرى كل اطراف الحرب مجرد تجار بأسم السلام .”
يقول الفنان: ذي يزن العلوي
جدارية الفنان، على جدار في تقاطع على شارع هايل مع الزبيري، #حملة_حطام, الأحد 14 مايو 2017
Peace has become an impossible for Yemeni society, the war threaten the existence of the society due to the spreading of famine and diseases.
The international community did not give an enough attention to the Yemeni crisis. Yemenis wants more than attention at this moment, they want a real moves to push toward the peace, so they can have some peace. All the sides of this war did not care about the people of Yemen. Yemenis see the sides of the war as traders in the name of peace.
“Thiyazen Al-Alawi” said the artist.
The artist mural, on the wall at the intersection of Hail street and al-Zubairi street. #Ruins_Campaign Sunday May 14, 2017.

“Painting for Peace” Video report on “Showcase” program on “TRT world”, in the annual event “Open day of Art” March 15, 2017


At least 10,000 people have been killed in nearly two years of war in Yemen. The fighting between the Saudi-backed government and Houthi rebels has left the country in shambles. But a group of people in Sanaa are trying to send a message to politicians to end the war. And they’re doing it with color.