War Helmet 80s-90s

War Helmet Collection


“Face of War” with black and white, and a red background.
The second work from the “War Helmet” collection by Yemeni artist Murad Subay, on a military helmet that served in one of the armies, between the eighties and the nineties of the last century.

acrylic on steel

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Yemen, Domino Collection

لوحة اليمن
ضمن مجموعة “الدومينو”
إرتصت أحجار الدومينو على شكل خارطة اليمن. الخارطة المستباحة.
صارت لعبة الدومينوا هي لعبة يمنيون الشتات.
لوحة “اليمن”
اكريليك على قماش
105×80 cm

Part of my new art collection “Domino”
Dominoes are arranged in the shape of The Yemen Map, the Violated map.
Domino has become a game for the Yemeni diaspora.

My painting “Yemen”
Acrylic on canvas
105×80 cm