Eva and War

Eva and War

Eve and war
Inspired by the mythology of Eve’s apple, and after losing her child and limbs, and the unablity to protect what was left of her beloved child, here Eva is trying to return the apple (bomb) to the sky.

An apple that was in fact a mere of trap for the eternal death on earth, and the symbol of brutality of humans among each other.

A painting by the Yemeni artist, Murad Subay, in which he embodied the horror of war.
acrylic on canvas
140cm X 160cm

War Helmet 80s-90s

War Helmet Collection


“Face of War” with black and white, and a red background.
The second work from the “War Helmet” collection by Yemeni artist Murad Subay, on a military helmet that served in one of the armies, between the eighties and the nineties of the last century.

acrylic on steel

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War Helmet

 War bells are ringing across the world, a dangerous turn that requires all of us to stand up, and against the continuation of wars that are also still burning.

 The work of the artist Murad Subay, a painting on a military helmet, where on the front side of the helmet a “face of war” depicting the its horror, and on the other side an endless circle with a red background as a black hole, depicting the continuation of wars around the planet, that swallowing everything

  Hatred is an endless circle.

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Website: http://www.muradsubay.com

Photo for one of three murals I participated by in an exhibition in “Vermont, USA”.


صورة لجدارية من جداريات حملة “12 ساعة” والتي شاركت بثلاث منها، في معرض في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، ولاية “فيرمونت”، جداريات: الطائفية، وتجنيد الأطفال وجدارية الساعة الـ12.
ضم المعرض عشرة فنانين من حول العالم التالية أسمائهم:
-ستيفن لامبيرت
-كلير فونتاين
-مراد سبيع
-مايكل راكويتز
-باكارد جينينقس
-شيرين نشئت
-لارا بالادي
-ببلك ستوديو
-يس مان
-بيدروا رياس
Photo for one of three murals I participated by in an exhibition in “Vermont, USA”. The murals Part of the “12 Hours” campaign, about “sectarianism, child recruitment and the 12th hour’s mural”.
10 Artists from around the world participated in this exhibition and they are:
Claire Fontaine
Steve Lambert in Collaboration with The Yes Men
Murad Subay
Public Studio
Packard Jennings
Shirin Neshat
Michael Rakowitz
Lara Baladi
Pedro Reyes

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