Eva and War

Eva and War

Eve and war
Inspired by the mythology of Eve’s apple, and after losing her child and limbs, and the unablity to protect what was left of her beloved child, here Eva is trying to return the apple (bomb) to the sky.

An apple that was in fact a mere of trap for the eternal death on earth, and the symbol of brutality of humans among each other.

A painting by the Yemeni artist, Murad Subay, in which he embodied the horror of war.
acrylic on canvas
140cm X 160cm

War Helmet 80s-90s

War Helmet Collection


“Face of War” with black and white, and a red background.
The second work from the “War Helmet” collection by Yemeni artist Murad Subay, on a military helmet that served in one of the armies, between the eighties and the nineties of the last century.

acrylic on steel

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The War, Domino Collection

الدومينو وتاريخ 26 مارس, تاريخ الحرب التي شنتها السعودية والإمارات وحلفائها، والتي أتت على الأخضر واليابس.
لوحتي “الحرب” ضمن مجموعة “الدومينو”
إكريلك على قماش
فرنسا ، مايو 2021

“The war”
Domino and the date 26 March, history of the war waged by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and their allies, war which destroyed everything in Yemen.
My painting “The war” as part of “Domino” collection
Acrylic on canvas
France, May 2021

Revolution, Domino Collection

أحجار الدومينو وتاريخ ثورة ١١ فبراير المغدور بها.
لوحتي “الثورة” ضمن مجموعة “الدومينو”
إكريلك على قماش
فرنسا، مايو ٢٠٢١

The Dominos and the tragic history of the February 11th revolution, the Yemeni Revolution.
My painting “Revolution” as part of my new collection “Domino” Acrylic on canvas
France, May 2021

Yemen, Domino Collection

لوحة اليمن
ضمن مجموعة “الدومينو”
إرتصت أحجار الدومينو على شكل خارطة اليمن. الخارطة المستباحة.
صارت لعبة الدومينوا هي لعبة يمنيون الشتات.
لوحة “اليمن”
اكريليك على قماش
105×80 cm

Part of my new art collection “Domino”
Dominoes are arranged in the shape of The Yemen Map, the Violated map.
Domino has become a game for the Yemeni diaspora.

My painting “Yemen”
Acrylic on canvas
105×80 cm