Annual event “Open Day Of Art”, Antana&Andasbi, Madagascar 2019 اليوم المفتوح للفن

يكرس الفنان الحقيقي روحه لشغفه بالفن، على الرغم من كل الصعاب.
إنتقلت الفنانه الرائعة “صفاء أحمد” بين مدينتا “إنتاناناريفوا وإندازبي” في مدغشقر، لتقيم الحدث #اليوم_المفتوح_للفن بذاتها فيهما و بمشاركة الناس في الشارع، مابين يوم 14-16 مارس 2019.

The true artists dedicate his soul to his passion for art, despite the difficulties.
The amazing artist “Safa’a Ahmed” moved from “Antana to Andasbi” cities to organised the event #Open_Day_Of_Art, by herself with the participation of the people in Madagascar, the event held in March 14-16, 2019.

Annual event “Open Day Of Art”, Sana’a 2019 اليوم المفتوح للفن، صنعاء



ألبوم صور من الحدث السنوي #اليوم_المفتوح_للفن, والذي أقامه الفنانه “هيفاء سبيع، صامد السامعي وذي يزن العلوي” بمشاركة العديد من الأصدقاء والصديقات ومن الناس كبار وصغار، في مدينة صنعاء، 14 مارس 2019.

تصوير: طارق الظليمي وهيفاء سبيع

Photo Album from the annual event #Open_Day_Of_Art, that organized by the artist “Haifa Subay, Samed Alsamei and Thiyazen Alalawi” and with the participation of  Yemenis from different ages, in Sana’a City, March 14, 2019.

photos by Tarek Aldhulimi &Haifa Subay

Open Day Of Art, annual event, March 14 2019, Sana’a, Yemen.


لا أعرف كيف يمكن أن أصف هذه الصورة وغيرها من الصور المبهجة التي ادخلت الفرحة للروح.

خرج اليمنين كبار وصغار في مدن عدة من عدن إلى تعز، وإلى صنعاء و انتانانا ريفوا بمدغشقر وسيخرج أصدقاء لنا في مدن أخرى حول العالم، ليرسموا لأجل الحياة والأمل.

يجب ان ننحني لكم تقديرا على مجهودكم/ن الفاتن لإدخالكم/ن الفرحة لقلوب اليمنيين واليمن على الرغم من الصعوبات التي واجهتموها.

الصوره الجماعيه التقطت في صنعاء اليوم، من الحدث السنوي #اليومالمفتوحللفن.

شكر جزيل لكل من ساهم بإنجاح هذا العمل المتواضع بالأمكانيات والكبير بمن فيه, ولطاقم فريق الحدث في صنعاء “هيفاء سبيع, صامد السامعي وذي يزن العلوي” وللفنانة العزيزة صفاء أحمد في مدينة “انتانا”

تصوير: محمد عبدالله


I do not know how can I describe this picture and other fascinating images that have brought joy to the soul.

Yemenis came out in the cities of Aden to Taiz, to Sanaa and Antanana, and other friends in other cities around the world will join the event too.

paint for life and hope and coexistence.

We all should  bow to you for the incredible efforts you done to bring this amazing moments to Yemen and Yemenis despite the difficulties you faced.

Group photo of the event in Sana’a from the annual event #Open_Day_Of_Art.

Special thanks for those who make this happen, and to the event team in Sana’a “Haifa Subay, Samed Alsame and Thiyazen Alalawi” and to the artist “Safa’a Ahmed” in Antana city, Madagascar.

Photo by: Mohammed Abdulah


A permission from, Ludhiana city, India, for the “Open Day Of Art” event.


تصريح من جامعة “Bhutta Group of College”, في مدينة “لوديانا” الهندية،لـ “إتحاد طلاب اليمن في البنجاب” وبتنسيق من الصديق العزيز “سلطان القادري” بالرسم على جدرانها. شكرا جزيلا يا سلطان.

A permission from “Bhutta Group of Colleges”, Ludhiana city, India, to “Yemeni Student Union in India”, and this annual event was Coordinated by Sultan Alqadri so that the drawings can be done in the walls of the college. #Open_Day_Of_Art.

The artist “CIBO” invitation for participation in the “Open Day Of Art” event, Verona, Italy.

يدعوكم الفنان الإيطالي القدير “#CIBO” للمشاركة في الحدث السنوي #اليوم_المفتوح_للفن، يوم غدا 15 مارس 2019، في مدينة “فيرونا، إيطاليا”.
The Amazing Italian artist CIBO, invites you to participate in the annual event “Open Day of Art”, Tomorrow morning March 15, 2019, in Verona, Italy.
the event coordinated by my friend Soraya Monassar.


Invitation fro the annual event “Open Day Of Art”, March 2019


A day of free expression, Peace and Art.

The annual event “Open Day of Art” is returning this year on March 14- 17 in different cities around the world. You are welcome to join us as we cover the streets with art that reflects our experiences, identities and values of peace and coexistence.

Come and bring along your families and friends. People from all genders and ages are welcome.

No artistic experience is needed.

This is a public invitation.

You can participate anywhere in the world by sharing your artistic creation and adding the hashtag #Open_Day_Of_Art

The event organized by artists and foundations in the following cities:

1\ Artist Safa’a Ahmed, in Madagascar in two cities



2\ Artist CIBO, coordinated by Soraya Monassar

Verona, Italy

3\ COWK org.& Yemeni student union, Coordinated by Sohila Albna’a& Joo Im Moon

Seoul, South Korea

4\ Planet Roller, coordinated by Christine Bernard

Paris, France

5\ Artists Haifa Subay, Samed Al Samei & Thiyazen Alalawi

Sana’a, Yemen

6\ Activist Manal Alkadasi

Taiz, Yemen

7\ Artist Alaa Rubil

Aden, Yemen

8\ Sada Foundation, Coordinated by Faris Al Alie

Haja, Yemen


Invitation Design by: Adel Alqubati

Yemen: Promoting peace through art\ By Gouri Sharma, On “DW”

Yemen: Promoting peace through art

A Yemeni street artist has invited locals to an area in Sanaa to draw images of their choice on the street, with the over-arching theme of highlighting Yemen’s plight. Gouri Sharma reports.

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Yemen Open Day of Graffiti Artists “Art Against War”\ Getty Image


Gallery photo of the annual event “Open Day of Art” in Sana’a, March 15, 2018.


“Painting for Peace” Video report on “Showcase” program on “TRT world”, in the annual event “Open day of Art” March 15, 2017


At least 10,000 people have been killed in nearly two years of war in Yemen. The fighting between the Saudi-backed government and Houthi rebels has left the country in shambles. But a group of people in Sanaa are trying to send a message to politicians to end the war. And they’re doing it with color.