One Year scholarship and the Rejection of my Application for the Visa to France

قبل عدة أيام تلقيت رفض لطلبي على الفيزا من السفارة الفرنسية في القاهرة، وكنت متجه لجنوب فرنسا وتحديدا لجامعة “إكس مارسيليا” في منحة لمدة عام من قبل “برنامج حماية الفنانين” المدعوم من صندوق “ميلون” الأمريكي.

هذا الرفض مؤسف ويحرمني من فرصة مهمة للدراسة وبعض المشاريع التي كان مخطط لإن اقوم بها هناك.

A few days ago, I received a rejection on my application for a visa from the French Embassy in Cairo and I was heading to the south of France, specifically to the Aix-Marseille University, for a one-year grant from the American-funded Mellon in the “Artistic Protection Program”.

This rejection is disappointed and deprives me of an important opportunity to study and for achieving some of the projects that I planned to do there.

Open Day Of Art, March 2019 “اليوم المفتوح للفن”

كان لي شرف التعاون مع الصديقات والأصدقاء الرائعين وكل من شاركهم في إقامة الحدث في المدن التسعة داخل اليمن وحول العالم.
صفاء أحمد, كريستين بيرنارد، سلطان القادري، علاء روبل، منال القدسي، سايبو”بيير باولو سبينيزا”، سهيلة البناء, جيمي موون, ذي يزن العلوي، صامد السامعي،باتريك لا روكس، ثريا منصر، و هيفاء سبيع.
تصميم جمعت فيه صوره من كل مدينة أقيم فيها الحدث.
It was an honor to collaborate with the amazing friends from around the world and inside Yemen, and all those who took part or coordinate for the event in the nine cities, where it was held.
CIBO Pier Paolo Spinazzè, Safa’a Ahmed, Christine Bernard, Sohila AlBna’a, Joo Im Moon, Manal Alkadasi, Samed Al-Samei, ذي يزن العلوي, Alaa Rubil, Sultan ALqadri, Patricia Benech-Le Roux, Soraya Monassar and Haifa Subay.
A design, where I put a photo from every city where the event was held in.

ANNUAL EVENT “OPEN DAY OF ART”, PARIS, FRANCE, MARCH 2019 اليوم المفتوح للفن، باريس/فرنسا

للعام الثاني على التوالي، أتشرف بالتعاون مع الأصدقاء في جمعية “بلانترولر”، عبر تنسيق من الصديقة العزيزه “كريستين بيرنارد & باتريكا لاروكس”، للحدث السنوي #اليوم_المفتوح_للفن، 17 مارس 2019، في مدينة باريس، فرنسا.

For the second year, I am honored for such a collaboration with the amazing people at “Planetroller”, that Orginised the #Open_Day_Of_Art, in Paris, France, which coordinated by the wonderful “Christine BernardPatricia Benech-Le Roux“, March 17, 2019.

Invitation fro the annual event “Open Day Of Art”, March 2019


A day of free expression, Peace and Art.

The annual event “Open Day of Art” is returning this year on March 14- 17 in different cities around the world. You are welcome to join us as we cover the streets with art that reflects our experiences, identities and values of peace and coexistence.

Come and bring along your families and friends. People from all genders and ages are welcome.

No artistic experience is needed.

This is a public invitation.

You can participate anywhere in the world by sharing your artistic creation and adding the hashtag #Open_Day_Of_Art

The event organized by artists and foundations in the following cities:

1\ Artist Safa’a Ahmed, in Madagascar in two cities



2\ Artist CIBO, coordinated by Soraya Monassar

Verona, Italy

3\ COWK org.& Yemeni student union, Coordinated by Sohila Albna’a& Joo Im Moon

Seoul, South Korea

4\ Planet Roller, coordinated by Christine Bernard

Paris, France

5\ Artists Haifa Subay, Samed Al Samei & Thiyazen Alalawi

Sana’a, Yemen

6\ Activist Manal Alkadasi

Taiz, Yemen

7\ Artist Alaa Rubil

Aden, Yemen

8\ Sada Foundation, Coordinated by Faris Al Alie

Haja, Yemen


Invitation Design by: Adel Alqubati

Yemen: Promoting peace through art\ By Gouri Sharma, On “DW”

Yemen: Promoting peace through art

A Yemeni street artist has invited locals to an area in Sanaa to draw images of their choice on the street, with the over-arching theme of highlighting Yemen’s plight. Gouri Sharma reports.

Article Link>>

Art campaign calling for peace held in Sanaa, Yemen\ Xinhua

Art campaign calling for peace held in Sanaa, Yemen

A gallery photos of the annual event “Open Day of Art” that held in Sana’a, March 15, 2018.



Some of my Artworks will be part of two exhibition in “France &Switzerland”, this April 2017.


You are all invited to attend two exhibitions in which I will participate by some of my street art and contemporary  artworks and photographs of them in France and Switzerland,  April 2017.

For more information please click on the links below:

France Exhibition

Switzerland Exhibiton