“Prison of Blood” my mural on the wall of Oberkampf, Paris. Oct. 2022

Prison of Blood

   There are prisons in every country, but for an entire country to turn into a prison, this is catastrophic itself.

   The forces of oppression and death conspired against the Yemeni people and their dreams, turning entire country into a prison for more than thirty million Yemenis, who dreamed of a homeland for themselves and their children.

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Dedication to the people of Afghanistan, “The Supreme Council of Terrorism”.

Twenty years of war, preceded by twenty others, and Afghanistan and its people are still living persecution, death and ignorance.
It passed through the soil of this beautiful country, the Soviets, Radical Islamists, the Americans and their allies, and they turned it into ashes.
Afghanistan was handed over and with the sponsorship of the international Powers on a silver platter to this Radical group, which will serve the interests of the international powers through fighting proxy wars in the future, and the heavy cost which the Afghan people especially women and children that will pay is not important.

My most recent Design is “The Supreme Council of Terrorists”.

France, August 2021

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“The dilemma of freedom of expression with Politics and Religion” My mural, Nov. 2020

.جداريتي”مأزق حرية التعبير مع الدين والسياسة” ضمن حملة “شهية طيبة” على إحدى الجدران في مدينة مارتيج,جنوب فرنسا, نوفمبر 2020

“The dilemma of freedom of expression with politics and religion”, My mural as part of “Bon Appetit” Campaign, Martigues city, south France. November 2020

“Le dilemme de la liberté d’expression avec politique et religion”, Ma mur, dans le cadre de la campagne “Bon Appetit”, Martigues, sud de la France. Novembre 2020

“Revolution is a MUST”

“الثورة حق”

كان يفترض بي أن أنفذ هذه الجدارية في “السودان”. قد كنت اشتغلت عليها أثناء الثورة السودانية. لم يحالفني الحظ الكافي برسمها  في السودان.

الحرية للسودان ولكل شعوب العالم، من القهر والظلم والجهل.

جداريتي ضمن حملة “وجوه الحرب”، منطقة بيلفيل، باريس، فرنسا. ١٣ أغسطس ٢٠١٩.

“Revolution is a MUST”


 I supposed to paint this mural in Sudan.  I had worked on it during the Sudanese revolution.  I was not lucky enough to do it in Sudan.


 Freedom for Sudan and for all the people in the world who seek freedom of oppression, injustice and ignorance.


 My mural as part of “Faces of War” campaign, Belleville, Paris, France.  August 13, 2019.