Joe Sacco’s opinion about “Supreme Council of Terrorism” mural.

“The mural you painted in Berlin is genius! One of the best political statements I have seen during the post 9/11 period. Congratulations!”
Joe Sacco

I am honored by recieving this words from great and the legend artist of Political comics “Joe Sacco”, commenting on my mural “Supreme Council of Terrorism”, that I had done in Berlin.

Two years ago in London, I had the chance to meet him, and I had an interesting discssion about politics and art, which inspired me later.

“The Supreme Council of Terrorism” my mural, Berlin. Sept 2021

“The Supreme Council for Terrorism”

Let’s call things by its true name. The international terror, is the true source of terrorism.
My last mural in the German capital, Berlin. A mural dimension 220 cm high and 4 meters wide. September 2021

Special thanks to the wonderful Yemeni artist Salwa Al-Eryani for her great cooperation, as well as thanks to my dear friend Shadi Abu Zaid.

“المجلس الأعلى للإرهاب”

لنسمي الأمور بأسمائها. الإرهاب الدولي هو المصدر الحقيقي للإرهاب.
جداريتي الأخيرة في العاصمة الألمانية برلين، بإرتفاع ٢٢٠ وعرض ٤ امتار. سبتمبر ٢٠٢١

شكر خاص للفنانة اليمنية الرائعة سلوى الإرياني على تعاونها الكبير، وكذلك الشكر لصديقي العزيز شادي أبو زيد.

Dedication to the people of Afghanistan, “The Supreme Council of Terrorism”.

Twenty years of war, preceded by twenty others, and Afghanistan and its people are still living persecution, death and ignorance.
It passed through the soil of this beautiful country, the Soviets, Radical Islamists, the Americans and their allies, and they turned it into ashes.
Afghanistan was handed over and with the sponsorship of the international Powers on a silver platter to this Radical group, which will serve the interests of the international powers through fighting proxy wars in the future, and the heavy cost which the Afghan people especially women and children that will pay is not important.

My most recent Design is “The Supreme Council of Terrorists”.

France, August 2021

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