“The Supreme Council of Terrorism” my mural, Berlin. Sept 2021

“The Supreme Council for Terrorism”

Let’s call things by its true name. The international terror, is the true source of terrorism.
My last mural in the German capital, Berlin. A mural dimension 220 cm high and 4 meters wide. September 2021

Special thanks to the wonderful Yemeni artist Salwa Al-Eryani for her great cooperation, as well as thanks to my dear friend Shadi Abu Zaid.

“المجلس الأعلى للإرهاب”

لنسمي الأمور بأسمائها. الإرهاب الدولي هو المصدر الحقيقي للإرهاب.
جداريتي الأخيرة في العاصمة الألمانية برلين، بإرتفاع ٢٢٠ وعرض ٤ امتار. سبتمبر ٢٠٢١

شكر خاص للفنانة اليمنية الرائعة سلوى الإرياني على تعاونها الكبير، وكذلك الشكر لصديقي العزيز شادي أبو زيد.

Dedication to the people of Afghanistan, “The Supreme Council of Terrorism”.

Twenty years of war, preceded by twenty others, and Afghanistan and its people are still living persecution, death and ignorance.
It passed through the soil of this beautiful country, the Soviets, Radical Islamists, the Americans and their allies, and they turned it into ashes.
Afghanistan was handed over and with the sponsorship of the international Powers on a silver platter to this Radical group, which will serve the interests of the international powers through fighting proxy wars in the future, and the heavy cost which the Afghan people especially women and children that will pay is not important.

My most recent Design is “The Supreme Council of Terrorists”.

France, August 2021

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Artists paint murals of hopes and fears in war-torn Yemen\ On CGTN, China

Artists paint murals of hopes and fears in war-torn Yemen


Young artists lined up across a wall in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Thursday painting murals that reflect their fears as well as hopes in a country crippled by war.

“We are here as a tribute to art and culture and to spread the message of peace in an attempt to revive what this war has taken from us,” Haifa Subay, her glasses spotted with white paint, tells AFP. The graffiti artist is taking part in an open-air exhibition, painting a mural of what seems to be an abstract face with words of hope and encouragement in bold, red letters.


“The war has destroyed Yemen. It has destroyed all the capabilities of this beautiful country,” she says from the rebel-held capital. The conflict between the pro-government forces backed by a Saudi-led military coalition, and the Iran-aligned Huthi rebels has pushed the country to the brink of famine.

File of artist paint murals on a wall in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, March 14, 2019. /AFP Photo

Since 2015, when Saudi Arabia and its allies intervened in the war, around 10,000 people – mostly civilians – have been killed and more than 60,000 wounded, according to the World Health Organization. Rights groups say the real figure could be five times as high.

Like Subay, Thiyazen al-Alawai hopes to bring back life to the city through his art work.

“Street art in Yemen is not separate from society but a part of it,” he said, as people, young and old, paused to admire the artists’ work. “The people (of Yemen) are not spectators, but they are participants in such art work.”

File of a Yemeni artist draws graffiti during an Open Day of graffiti campaign call for peace on March 15, 2018 in Sanaa, Yemen.

A teenage boy donning a hoodie and a respirator mask spray paints a wall using his country’s flag colors: red, white and black. Another wall has the word Arabia Felix, or Happy Arabia – used by the Romans to describe the part of the region to which Yemen belonged and was home to the legendary Queen of Sheba.

“We just hope that Yemen returns to the way it was,” said Subay.

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葉門世界遺產 「會呼吸的歷史城市」



葉門世界遺產 「會呼吸的歷史城市」

September 24, 2016, 6:00 am 122
Souq al-Melh市集保留傳統特色。(取材自英國衛報)
Souq al-Melh市集保留傳統特色。(取材自英國衛報)
塗鴉藝術家Murad Subay透過街頭塗鴉傳遞和平訊息。(歐新社資料照片)
塗鴉藝術家Murad Subay透過街頭塗鴉傳遞和平訊息。(歐新社資料照片)


★觀賞老城區 必訪「總統清真寺」

2008年完工薩里赫清真寺(Al Saleh Mosque)是葉門最大的建築物,也是最具特色的伊斯蘭建築。由前總統沙雷(Ali Abdullah Saleh)建造,也以他的名字命名,所以又稱為「總統清真寺」。屋頂設計六座喚拜塔,光是正廳面積就達1萬3500平方米,可容納超過4萬4000人, 這裡也是觀賞老城區的最佳地點。

★塗鴉悼死者 讓倖存者看見希望

由於葉門戰火不斷,因此人民格外渴望和平的到來。葉門街頭塗鴉藝術家Murad Subay便找了朋友與當地孩子一起在街頭塗鴉,傳達人民對於和平的訴求。每當戰火將城市變成斷壁殘垣,他們就在街頭畫上美麗的圖樣,且廣邀其他民眾一起 加入。Subay希望藉由這些畫作紀念死去的百姓,也讓倖存者能看見希望。2014年他獲得義大利Veronese頒發的藝術和平獎。

★赴傳統市場 吃全沙那最棒早餐

進入沙那舊城的Souq al-Melh市集便能發現這個城市獨特的魅力,小街道上保留了許多傳統特色,有各式各樣具民族風味的手工藝品和飾品以及傳統小吃,這裡還有全沙那最棒的早餐。

★10歲嫁13歲 童婚惹議震驚國際

2010年3月沙那因幾樁童婚案招致爭議,其中包括10歲的Sally Al-Sabahi被迫嫁給13歲的Ilham,並遭到丈夫強暴及毆打,內出血4天後傷重不治。這則新聞引起國際震驚,聯合國及婦權組織「立即平等」 (Equality Now)皆嚴厲譴責,在強大的壓力下,葉門政府似乎有終結童婚傳統的趨勢。

★人民的願望 「和平…還在路上」