Joe Sacco’s opinion about “Supreme Council of Terrorism” mural.

“The mural you painted in Berlin is genius! One of the best political statements I have seen during the post 9/11 period. Congratulations!”
Joe Sacco

I am honored by recieving this words from great and the legend artist of Political comics “Joe Sacco”, commenting on my mural “Supreme Council of Terrorism”, that I had done in Berlin.

Two years ago in London, I had the chance to meet him, and I had an interesting discssion about politics and art, which inspired me later.

‘Yemen’s Banksy’: Murad Subay creates art against war in Berlin/ On “DW”

‘Yemen’s Banksy’: Murad Subay creates art against war in Berlin

Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, say humanitarian organizations. At the Human Rights Film Festival in Berlin, street artist Murad Subay comments on the horrors of war.

‘The Faces of War’: Murad Subay working on his mural at the Berliner Union Film Ateliers

Seven black-and-white portraits line up against a red background. Huge black holes replace the figures’ eyes. “Wars are one of the evil roots, turning humans into monsters, victims, and others watching and ignoring,” writes artist Murad Subay in a caption next to his mural.

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“Bilder in trummern” an article on Amnesty Journal, Germany.

“لوحات على الركام”

عنوان مقال في مجلة “العفو الدولية” في المانيا، فيه مقابلة أجرتها معي الصحفية الرائعة “كورنيليا”.. ونشر في أربع صفحات.

“Paintings on Ruins”

An article title, on “Amnesty Journal”, Germany, in an interview about my work by the amazing author”Cornelia”, and it was published in four pages.

“Mortar Rose” my mural, as the cover of “Amnesty Journal” Magazine, Germany

جداريتي “زهرة الهاون” كغلاف لمجلة “العفوا الدولية”, في ألمانيا.

My mural, as the cover of “Amnesty Journal” Magazine, Germany