“Diaspora” Mural by Murad Subay, Paris, Feb. 2023

Diaspora, mural by Murad Subay, Paris 6th Feb. 2023

“Diaspora” mural
Dedicated to all generations of diaspora, around the world.
On a wall at rue Ordener, Paris. February 6, 2013

جدارية “شتات”
إهداء لكل أجيال الشتات, حول العالم.
على جدار في شارع “اوردونيه”, باريس. 6 فبراير 2013

“Mortar Rose” mural by Subay, on TV 2000, Italy.

On Today TV program episod was dedicated to Yemen, on the Italian channal TV2000.

Where the journalist Laura Silvia Battaglia, spoke about Yemen and the situation and about my work during the war as well.

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“Subjugation” and Vandalising the mural, Paris. 27 July 2021

Subjugation mural, Paris, July 2021. Photo by: Rania Khyali


Art has an extraordinary capacity to provoke, protest and enlighten.

Less than two days after I executed the mural collage of “Subjugation” in the heart of Paris, the collage was brutally ripped down.

My work, especially the political work, has suffered a lot of blurring, disfigurement across the years, but every time it happens it makes me realize that I am on the right track.

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“Subjugation”, in the heart of Paris, 25 July 2021

“Subjugations” mural, Paris, July 2021



Seven years of War, death and oppression  in Yemen,

 where everything is being destroyed and divided.

My mural in the heart of Paris, exactly next to Seine River shore, between the musem of Louvre and the  Musem  d’Orsay, Paris 25 July 2021.

A special Thanks to the amazing friend  Jeannette Bougrab , Samuel Valkeapaa and the child May for their wonderful support.

Note: This mural inspired by the “Scream” the famous work of the Norwegian great painter Edvard Munch.

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Video of “Fetus of Coffin” mural.

Video about “Fetus of Coffin” mural. By Caroline Malatrait

A special Thanks to my dear friend Caroline Malatrait for filming and montage this wounderful video during working on my recent mural “Fetus of Coffin”, at a ruin of the World War II, at the shore of Port De Bouc City, France. 19 June 2021

شكر خاص للصديقة العزيزة “كارولين ملاتخيه” لإخراجها وتصويرها لهذا الفيديو القصير الذي رافق فيه تنفيذي لجدارية “جنين الكفن”على أنقاض إحدى التحصينات من الحرب العالمية الثانية, على شاطىء في مدينة “بورت دو بوك” , فرنسا. 19 يونيو 2021.

“Fetus of Coffin” Mural. 19 June 2021

Fetus of Coffin mural, on a bunker’s ruin of the World War II


On a stormy day on the shores of the city of Port de Bocu, southern France, I executed this mural on one of the ruins of the World War II, this cement block was used as one of the fortifications spread on the French beaches.

The mural “Fetus of Coffin” is the title of this work, which I had previously painted on one of the walls in the city of Sana’a, in 2016 during the war that is still raging until now.

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Workshop at “Lycée Paul Langevin” Highs school, Martigues. January 2021

كان من دواعي سروري إقامة ورشة لثلاثة أيام، في مدرسة “ليسي بول لانجفين” الثانوية، وتحديدا مع صف “لتيرمينال خمسه”.

نتج عن هذه الورشة عملين فنيين، جدارية للمتدربين بإرتفاع ثلاثة أمتار وعرض تسعة أمتار، ولوحة “ماركة حرب” التي أعدت إنتاجها بمساعدة المتدربين، وبإرتفاع خمسة أمتار في متراين وعشرين سنتي.

   حقا سعدت بهذه المجموعة الأكثر من رائعة وهم: أليكسيا، لوجان، شايا، كلوي، ناديا، ياسمين، داميان وماكسيم

شكر جزيل لإدارة المدرسة والأساتذة على الترحيب الحار الذي لاقيته.

وشكر خاص لصديقتي الرائعة ومنسقة هذه الورشة “كارولين ملاتخيه”

I had the pleasure of running a workshop for three days with  Terminal 5 Class, Lycée Paul Langevin,  Martigues city..

This workshop resulted in two artworks, a mural for the students, with a size 3 meters heigh and nine meters wide, and Reproducing “War Brand” painting, with the students, with size 5 meters height and more than  2 meters width.

    I was really pleased with this most wonderful group of students, which are: Alexia, Logan, Chaaya , Chloe, Nadia, Jasmyn, Damien and Maxime.

Many thanks to the school administration and the professors for the warm welcome that I received during the three days.

And a special thanks to my wonderful friend and coordinator of this workshop, Caroline Malatrait.

“Tyranny” my mural, Nov. 2020

“إستبداد”، جداريتي الخامسة ضمن مشروع “حديقة حرب”، مدينة مارتيج، فرنسا.

“Tyranny” a title of my fifth mural in the “War Garden” project, Martigues, France.

“Tyranny” est ma cinquième peinture dans le cadre du projet “Jardin de Guerre”, Martigues, France.

Ventes d’armes: un street artiste yéménite dévoile une fresque à Paris contre “l’hypocrisie internationale\ sur Le Point

Ventes d’armes: un street artiste yéménite dévoile une fresque à Paris contre “l’hypocrisie internationale
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“Mortar Rose” my mural, as the cover of “Amnesty Journal” Magazine, Germany

جداريتي “زهرة الهاون” كغلاف لمجلة “العفوا الدولية”, في ألمانيا.

My mural, as the cover of “Amnesty Journal” Magazine, Germany