“Fuck War” at the British Museum. UK

Glad to announce that the British Museum, obtained two prints of my mural and the sketch of “Fuck War”.

About the mural:

Name: Fuck War
Painted in Sana’a, Yemen during the ongoing war, on a ruins of a wall.
Exclusive edition of 8 printes for each, the photo of the mural and the sketch.
Price for each print: 1500 Dollar.
Dimension: 40X50 cm
On a spacial papers
Signed and numbered, with a certificate.

For those who are interested to obtain one or both of the printes, please contact on the email:

‘Street Art by Murad Subay’: Turning Ruins of War into Walls of Revolution – Murad Subay in Discussion with Wes Williams. OXFORD University.

Eva and War, Berlin 2022

‘Street Art by Murad Subay’: Turning Ruins of War into Walls of Revolution – Murad Subay in Discussion with Wes Williams

About this event

Nicknamed ‘the Yemini Bansky’ by the international media, Murad Subay (born in 1987 in Yemen) is a contemporary artist and political activist. Since the Yemeni revolution of 2011, Murad has launched several campaigns of turning the bullet-scarred walls and war-ravaged streets into symbols of hope and peace through his art. Vibrant hues of revolution and civil disobedience against the crumbling canvasses of war mark his signature artistic expression. In this session, Murad Subay will introduce his unique style of resistance in conversation with Wes Williams (Director, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities).

Murad Subay has garnered several accolades for his revolutionary work across the world. He received the Freedom of Expression Arts Award (2016) by Index on Censorship Organization, UK awarded to artists ‘whose work challenges repression and injustice and celebrates artistic free expression’, the Art for Peace Award (2014) by Veronesi Foundation, Italy for ‘spreading a culture of peace’ and Artist Protection Fund Award (2020), USA among others. He has his works exhibited at the Imperial War Museum, Manchester, the Berliner Union Film Ateliers (BUFA) in Berlin and at Yemini Film & Arts Festivals in New York and Washington DC among other locations. ‘His work has recently been acquired by the British Museum, London. Murad is currently residing in France as a political refugee where he continues his activism.

This online event is part of the interdisciplinary graduate conference ‘Rethinking Resistance’ at the University of Oxford.

Link for the event registration:
Link for the conference:

مسخ ديني Religious Monster

sketch 2018

One of my sketches as part of Faces of war collection, Sana’a 2018

سكتش مسخ ديني, ضمن مجموعة وجوه الحرب, صنعاء 2018

Theft or coincidence?!

Abyss 2017/ The Painted Bird 2019

  In the first picture, a mural entitled “Abyss” in November 2017, which the Yemeni artist Murad Subay painted as part of his campaign “Faces of War”, a collection of murals that he implemented in war zones, and ruins of the ongoing war in his country, Yemen.

  The second photo is a Poster of the film “The Painted Bird” September 2019, that directed by Czech director “Václav Marhoul”, a film narrated the war through the story of a child who lived in times of war.

  The Similarity between the mural “Abyss” 2017, and the poster of the Film 2019, is huge, and this raised a question about a copyright infringement  and the time difference is about two years.
This confirms either that there is artistic theft or that it is a coincidence that came after two years!!!

  We started to contact with the association which represent the artists copyrights and they are not sure that the Czech Law will support the case since there are no proof of copyright infringement.

The film is great.. but the respect of any artist and crediting the work should be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, It seems that the photo is not an enough proof !!!

في الصورة الأولى ، جدارية بعنوان “الهاوية” في تشرين الثاني 2017 ، رسمها الفنان اليمني مراد سبيع ضمن حملته “وجوه الحرب” ، وهي مجموعة من الجداريات التي نفّذها في مناطق الحروب ، وأنقاض الحرب المستمرة. في بلده اليمن.

الصورة الثانية هي ملصق لفيلم “الطائر الملون” سبتمبر 2019 ، للمخرج التشيكي “فاتسلاف مرهول” ، وهو فيلم يروي الحرب من خلال قصة طفل عاش في زمن الحرب.

التشابة بين الجدارية ٢٠١٧ وملصق فيلم ٢٠١٩ كبير ، مما يثير تساؤلاً حول انتهاك حقوق النشر والفارق الزمني حوالي عامين.

وهذا يؤكد إما أن هناك سرقة فنية أو أنها صدفة جاءت بعد عامين !!!

بدأنا في الاتصال بالجمعية التي تمثل حقوق التأليف والنشر للفنانين وهم غير متأكدين من أن القانون التشيكي سيدعم القضية نظرًا لعدم وجود دليل على انتهاك حقوق النشر.

الفيلم رائع .. لكن احترام أي فنان وتقدير العمل يجب أن يكون مضمونا.

للأسف يبدو أن الصورة ليست دليلاً كافياً !!!

Video of making “War Trilogy”, Berlin 2022.

Video for the during the process of the making of the mural War Trilogy, in a collaboration with the Aktion Gegen Den Hunger Organisation.

On a wall of Urban Spree, Berlin. March 2022

Video by: Anni und Martin

War Trilogy, Berlin. 2022

War Trilogy

“ثلاثية الحرب”
للعام الثامن والحرب التي اندلعت بين عامي ٢٠١٤ و ٢٠١٥ تنهش اليمن واليمنيين.
أتت على كل ما كانوا يناضلو لبنائه في العقود السبعة المنصرمة.

بالتعاون مع منظمة “اكشن جيجن دن هنجر” الألمانية، نفذت سلسلة من ثلاث جداريات، على جدار “أوربان شبري” في برلين، ٢٤-٢٦ مارس ٢٠٢٢.

“War Trilogy”
For the eighth year, the war that erupted between 2014 and 2015 ravages Yemen and Yemenis.
It came on everything they had been striving to build in the past seven decades.

In cooperation with the “Aktion Gegen den Hunger”, a series of three murals that I did, on the “Urban Spree” wall in Berlin, March 24-26, 2022.

With “Aktion Gegen Den Hunger” in Berlin. 2022

Photos by Andi Weiland | Aktion gegen Hunger

After my request for a moment of silence for all the innocent which lost their lives in the wars raging around the world.

“The Yemenis were caught up in a fierce war between two forces, one of them represented by Iran and the Houthis militias in Yemen, which invaded the cities and the capital Sana’a in September 2014, and another represented by Saudi Arabia and its alliance, which launched its war in March 2015. The Yemenis lost everything they could build in the past seven decades.”
“Today I present to you this painting, which describes the war that has been going on in Yemen for seven years, and it is titled “Piles”, where there are three severed heads hanging on stakes full of thorns, and eyes like black holes from the horror of war.”

Part of my speech to the representative Minister of Economy and Environment from the Germen government, Mr. Stephen Giegold, who attended on behalf of the Minister, in front of the Ministry, during the handover of 52,000 signatures demanding to stop the arms sales with Sebastian Friedrich-Rust the CEO of “Aktion Jegen den Hunger”, that held by the organization in Germany. 24 March 2022.
Followed by handing my painting entitled “Piles”, which depicat the war in Yemen.

بعد طلبي بالوقوف دقيقة صمت على الأبرياء الذين فقدوا أرواحهم في الحروب الدائرة حول العالم.

“وقع اليمنيون في حرب شرسة بين قوتين إحداهما ممثلة بإيران وميليشياتها في اليمن ، والتي اجتاحت المدن والعاصمة صنعاء في سبتمبر 2014 ، وأخرى ممثلة بـ المملكة العربية السعودية وتحالفها ، الذي شن حربه في مارس 2015. فقد اليمنيون كل ما استطاعوا بنائه في العقود السبعة الماضية “.
“أقدم لكم اليوم هذه اللوحة التي تصف الحرب الدائرة في اليمن منذ سبع سنوات ، وهي بعنوان” أكوام “، حيث توجد ثلاثة رؤوس مقطوعة معلقة على أوتاد مليئة بالأشواك ، وعيون مثل الثقوب السوداء. من رعب الحرب “.

جزء من حديثي إلى ممثل وزير الاقتصاد والبيئة من الحكومة الألمانية ، السيد ستيفن جيغولد ، الذي حضر نيابة عن الوزير ، أمام الوزارة ، أثناء تسليم 52000 توقيع يطالبون بوقف مبيعات الأسلحة مع سيباستيان فريدريش روست الرئيس التنفيذي لـ “Aktion Jegen den Hunger” ، التي عقدتها المنظمة في ألمانيا. 24 مارس 2022.
تلا ذلك تسليم لوحي بعنوان “أكوام” التي تصور الحرب في اليمن.

“Befor the War” Comic by Imperial Museum of War, about Murad SUBAY.

“Befor the War”

The title of the comic, published today by”The imperial museum of Wars” in London, in which my work and my experience in street art are presented through 10 slids of comics, and it is accompanied by an audio material in which I talk about bright sides in Yemen.

Comics by the artist: Pan Cooke

Here you can find the link of the audio interview.


Glad that the painting “War Sacrifice”, wich I painted as part of my collection “The Last Dance of the Dead”, is on the cover of a book published today by the University of Oxford entitled “Genocides” by the amazing author Dirk Moses and his colleage Donald Bloxham.

To obtine the book on the link:

“War Sacrifice” 120X160 cm

Eva and War

Eva and War

Eve and war
Inspired by the mythology of Eve’s apple, and after losing her child and limbs, and the unablity to protect what was left of her beloved child, here Eva is trying to return the apple (bomb) to the sky.

An apple that was in fact a mere of trap for the eternal death on earth, and the symbol of brutality of humans among each other.

A painting by the Yemeni artist, Murad Subay, in which he embodied the horror of war.
acrylic on canvas
140cm X 160cm