“The Supreme Council of Terrorism” my mural, Berlin. Sept 2021

“The Supreme Council for Terrorism”

Let’s call things by its true name. The international terror, is the true source of terrorism.
My last mural in the German capital, Berlin. A mural dimension 220 cm high and 4 meters wide. September 2021

Special thanks to the wonderful Yemeni artist Salwa Al-Eryani for her great cooperation, as well as thanks to my dear friend Shadi Abu Zaid.

“المجلس الأعلى للإرهاب”

لنسمي الأمور بأسمائها. الإرهاب الدولي هو المصدر الحقيقي للإرهاب.
جداريتي الأخيرة في العاصمة الألمانية برلين، بإرتفاع ٢٢٠ وعرض ٤ امتار. سبتمبر ٢٠٢١

شكر خاص للفنانة اليمنية الرائعة سلوى الإرياني على تعاونها الكبير، وكذلك الشكر لصديقي العزيز شادي أبو زيد.

“Faces of War”, a collaboration with HRFFB, Berlin. Sept. 2021

“War is one of the evil roots, turning people into monsters and victims, and others watching and ignoring.”
This is my phrase on the mural “Faces of War” which I finished in Berlin on September 20, 2021.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the “Human Rights Film Festival Berlin” by implementing my “Faces of War” at the main entrance of the festival, with dimensitons of 23.5 meters and a height of 3.3 meters. September 2021

Thank you to the organizers of the festival, the chief Anne Ramskogler and Vasilo Saroglu and to all the team of the festival.

Special thanks to my dear friend a, Shadi Abu Zeid, who was a great help in implementing this work.

“ الحرب إحدى جذور الشر, تحول البشر إلى وحوش وضحايا, وأخرين يشاهدون ويتجاهلون”هذه هي العبارة المرافقة لجداريتي “وجوه الحرب” والتي انتهيت من تنفيذها في برلين يوم 20 سبتمبر 2021.

سعدت بالتعاون مع مهرجان “أفلام حقوق الإنسان برلين” وذلك بعمل جدارية “وجوه الحرب” على المدخل الرئيسي للمهرجان، بمساحة ٢٣ متر وارتفاع ٣ امتار. سبتمبر ٢٠٢١

شكر لمنظمي المهرجان والمسؤولة عليه العزيزة آن رامسكوجلر وفاسيلو ساروجلو.

شكر خاص للصديق والأخر العزيز شادي أبو زيد والذي كان العون الكبير في تنفيذ هذه الجدارية.

In conversation with Murad Subay about Art & Human Rights\ With “HRFF” Berlin.

Since the outbreak of the war, Murad Subay has been painting on walls and ruins across Yemen. With his art, he shows the devastating consequences of war, poverty, and disease, and denounces the war crimes of all parties involved – including those in the West, whose arms exports are contributing to Yemeni suffering.

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Dedication to the people of Afghanistan, “The Supreme Council of Terrorism”.

Twenty years of war, preceded by twenty others, and Afghanistan and its people are still living persecution, death and ignorance.
It passed through the soil of this beautiful country, the Soviets, Radical Islamists, the Americans and their allies, and they turned it into ashes.
Afghanistan was handed over and with the sponsorship of the international Powers on a silver platter to this Radical group, which will serve the interests of the international powers through fighting proxy wars in the future, and the heavy cost which the Afghan people especially women and children that will pay is not important.

My most recent Design is “The Supreme Council of Terrorists”.

France, August 2021

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“Children Recruitment” my mural, Aden, Yemen. August 2021

Since the outbreak of the war, the parties to the war, especially in the north, have sought to use all means of dirty war, including the recruitment of children, which was and is more severe, especially after the systematic destruction of the educational system, which in turn left millions of children without education, as well as the militias of various types and agendas by recruiting and brainwashing thousands of children, taking advantage of the poverty that people have reached in Yemen.

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“Mortar Rose” mural by Subay, on TV 2000, Italy.

On Today TV program episod was dedicated to Yemen, on the Italian channal TV2000.

Where the journalist Laura Silvia Battaglia, spoke about Yemen and the situation and about my work during the war as well.

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“Subjugation” and Vandalising the mural, Paris. 27 July 2021

Subjugation mural, Paris, July 2021. Photo by: Rania Khyali


Art has an extraordinary capacity to provoke, protest and enlighten.

Less than two days after I executed the mural collage of “Subjugation” in the heart of Paris, the collage was brutally ripped down.

My work, especially the political work, has suffered a lot of blurring, disfigurement across the years, but every time it happens it makes me realize that I am on the right track.

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“Subjugation”, in the heart of Paris, 25 July 2021

“Subjugations” mural, Paris, July 2021



Seven years of War, death and oppression  in Yemen,

 where everything is being destroyed and divided.

My mural in the heart of Paris, exactly next to Seine River shore, between the musem of Louvre and the  Musem  d’Orsay, Paris 25 July 2021.

A special Thanks to the amazing friend  Jeannette Bougrab , Samuel Valkeapaa and the child May for their wonderful support.

Note: This mural inspired by the “Scream” the famous work of the Norwegian great painter Edvard Munch.

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An interview on “TeleGrenoble TV” about my Mural “WELCOME” July 2021.

An interview on “TeleGrenoble TV” about my mural which I achieved in the city, as part of Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes. The interview lasted for 20 minutes and started at minute 50 to minute 110. I spoke about my engagement and followed by showing the short film “Murad” which directed by Oscar Nominee Abdulrahman Hussain, where it featured my work in Yemen.

“Faces of War” Portraits mural, Montpellier.July 2021

Faces of War portraits

[English] “Faces of War

On July 10, in Montpellier, I pasted a mural of eight faces of war on a wall 28 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. Accompanying the portraits, my phrase “In times of war, even the smallest voices, calling for peace, can save lives.”

A big thank you to Françoise and her wonderful husband Philippe, who were very supportive and helped to make this work possible, and to the artist Fanny Gillequin
A special thanks to Caroline Malatrait.

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